Open up and explore this winter. Check out our 2016 packages for the ultimate Himalayan backcountry ski adventure.

    We've been guiding in Gulmarg and the surrounding Himalayas since 1999. No one knows Gulmarg like we do.

    With client-to-guide ratio of 6:1 it means you are always with a small crew. Which means more riding and less waiting.

    Looking for an epic adventure – experience Kashmir the K-Line way. Truck skiing 40º tree runs down to historic shrines.

    Ride with our locally licensed guides and score access to Gulmarg’s secret pow stashes.

    Ride the world’s highest skiable gondola dropping you at 3,950m. in Gulmarg. With descents from 1,350-2,000m vertical.

    We have limited capacity, so get in touch for the ride of your life. We hope to hear from you soon!


Adventure is more than just a word to describe an incredible journey

We believe all of life’s adventures should leave you changed for the better. After all, this is why we founded K-Line. Guiding in Gulmarg since ’99, why would you trust your backcountry ski adventure with anyone else?

When it comes to experience, nobody knows the Indian Himalayas like we do. Like our business, our team of guides are born and raised in these mountains, and also happen to be amongst a small, elite group of guides in Gulmarg. For you, this means maximising your time on the mountain riding our secret powder stashes with a dedicated team committed to your safety.

Of course, it’s not just about the riding – we deliver continuity in your entire experience, from the moment you enquire to the time you depart. We’re present on the ground 24 hours a day to ensure that your stay is both safe and memorable. In other words, no emergency or request is too much for us.


We are outdoor adventure curators, building action-sports adventures in off-the-grid locations across the Himalayas.

In our daily operations – simply put, we are in the business of blowing minds in the biggest mountain range on the planet, with a side serving of culture thrown in just for fun. We are the conduit between immersive cultural experiences, action sports and travel. Join us for an off-the-grid adventure!

What are people saying about K-Line

  • Powder Crazy

    Our trip to Gulmarg with K-Line still sits on top of my best trips ever, which is saying something since I live in Whistler!

    Danny Simper | United Kingdom

    January, 2015

  • Awesome Rides

    The trip to Kashmir with K-Line was an amazing experience - cool people and awesome rides down the mountain. Thanks!

    John Bailey | United States

    May, 2016



Meet our team

A collection of professionals, enthusiasts and industry experts, brought together by little else except our love of exploration. We’re all here for one reason – to build unforgettable experiences.


We think its better to be safe than sorry, and we know you’d agree.

We mean business when it comes to frolicking in the world’s finest outdoor playgrounds. Our team of guides have undergone training, both nationally though the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering back in the early-mid 90’s, and internationally from visiting snow safety consultants in recent years. These courses were certified by the Gulmarg Avalanche Centre and accredited by the American Avalanche Association. This training was provided to only a small selection of ski guides in Gulmarg – our team is among this elite group.

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  • View to Nanga Parbat Paul Lalley
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  • Skiing above the clouds Paul Lalley

Company News

You might say we had an exciting 2015, a year of many firsts for us in the marketing world. We ventured into the world of Warren Miller Entertainment's cinematic action-sports adrenalin rush....

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You might say we had an exciting 2015, a year of many firsts for us in the marketing world. We ventured into the world of Warren Miller Entertainment's cinematic action-sports adrenalin rush....

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We’ve got friends in high places – literally! – from across this little planet called Earth. Over the years, we’ve built some key industry relationships to help us along our path of exploration. We are connected, and yes, our friends and sponsors do provide us with envy-inducing equipment. But the key thing is, we don’t just look good, we know how to use it and we’re not afraid to do so!

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