Expedition fly fishing's finest adventure.

Trek way off the beaten track into the Himalayas for the ultimate in remote access fly fishing in Kashmir. You'll get to experience what it's like to fish in high altitude glacial lakes, rivers, streams and beats, all of which are virtually completely untouched by modern civilisation. The only rods you're likely to see will belong to your fly fishing guide and the rest of your group.

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Himalayan Adventure Fishing Holidays

August 2018


“Fly fishing at the top of the world!”

I spent 16 days trekking in the Himalayas and chasing Scottish Brown and Rainbow Trout at 3000m via countless high altitude lakes, rivers and tributaries, casting along rivers that would disappear below ground level and appear 100m further down the high altitude valley floor. Apparently, no-one has fished these waters for over 60 years so it was incredible to see how the fish responded to dry flies. I've only ever experienced brown trout that are bulldozers but these high altitude fish were acrobatic, which was something I've never seen before. To trek through the Indian Himalayas was an experience in and of itself - to camp beside lakes fed directly by monstrous glaciers that towered overhead was quite something. Our fly-fishing guide Paul was extremely knowledgeable and clearly passionate about angling in the Himalayas. All in all a trip I would highly recommend.

Pristine waters, breed pristine fish.

Trout fish in India. The target species is Scottish brown and rainbow trout with a quirky and unique history, dating back to the days of the British Raj. After numerous failed attempts, these species were finally successfully introduced into Kashmir's glacial waters and they instantly took to their new environment. Himalayan trout, untouched waters, crisp temperatures and gentle currents combine for a completely unique fishing experience..

Fishing Days

The most remote fly fishing experience on earth.

We trek to remote locations, stopping at specific fly fishing beats along the way. All of our selected locations are handpicked by our lead fly fishing guide, each for a unique reason.

In terms of your fitness, we recommend that guests are active. Whilst being fit is a bonus, it is not a necessity. The difficulty of the trek is determined by the speed of the group as well as varying the route itself. Those who wish to trek at a more leisurely pace can do so, catering to all levels of fitness for the ultimate adventure fishing holiday.

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