Jabal Akhdar, Oman

Welcome to Jabal Akhdar, Oman

Perched at 2,000m above sea level on the Great Saiq Plateau and nestled inland amongst the Al Hajar Mountain Range is the former capital of Oman, Jabal Akhdar.

Here stands Jabal Shams, which soars to 3,075m as Eastern Arabia’s highest peak, providing breathtaking views as far as the eye can see. Jabal Akhdar translates as “Green Mountain” in Arabian, aptly named for its mild Mediterranean climate that is drastically different from the desert heat that encompasses much of the Gulf region. Beneath the plateau is a labyrinth of wadis (fresh water oasis) and terraces where the cool mountain air and rainfall create a fertile land that produces honey, pomegranates, figs and stone fruits. Unlike the lower altitude areas of Oman, temperatures here can drop to -5°C between December and March. Join K-Line for a completely unique opportunity – high altitude fitness training. High altitude training has been common amongst professional athletes for decades, although it has yet to reach mainstream fitness. It is well documented that transferring from sea level to substantial altitude will result in a 5% to 20% weight loss due to a much higher metabolic rate, so adding fitness training means even greater results. Levels of leptin, the satiety hormone, are elevated at altitude, whilst ghrelin, the hunger hormone, remains unchanged – this means you will naturally make healthier food choices. As oxygen is also processed more efficiently, you will also experience greater mental clarity and overall well-being, making this the perfect setting for a yoga retreat. Studies indicate that these benefits are sustained long after returning to sea level. What better way to ensure peak physical and mental condition than to make K-Line MTN programs a part of your life? No matter what you’re looking for, we have the right program for you. MTN FIT is targeted at helping you fine-tune your physical fitness, lose body fat and get toned. MTN YOGA is dedicated to enhancing your yoga practice and increasing your mental and physical well-being. MTN RELAX allows you to take time away from your busy life and rejuvenate your mind. Our MTN programs are suited to participants of all levels, although you should be mobile and healthy, with a basic fitness level.
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Oman Tourism Information

Everything you need to know to get best out of your trip.

Oman at a glance

Currency and credit cards

The Omani Riyal is the currency of Oman, with other GCC currencies generally accepted. It is best to exchange currency at the airport or at one of the many currency exchanges in the city, as hotels will charge a high premium on exchanging currency. As a developed country, credit cards are widely accepted.

Passports and Visas

If you do not hold an Omani passport or Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) residence, you will require an Omani visa to enter the Sultanate of Oman. The government has made the process increasingly easier, with some nationalities permitted to attain a visa upon arrival. All other visitors must apply for a visa prior to arrival. For more details, contact your local Omani Embassy via the below link.


Getting to Oman

Getting to Oman has never been easier. All you need to do is fly into Muscat International Airport and from there, we take care of everything. Oman is like any other developed country in the Gulf region and as such, the airport has all the modern facilities and amenities that you can expect. Second to Arabic, English is widely spoken so you will have no issues getting around. You will be greeted by our private transfers and the Alila Jabal Akhdar Resort is then just 2 hours (or 173km) away by road.

Oman temperature and when to visit

Located next to the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East, Oman enjoys a coastal climate that is considerably cooler than neighbouring countries such as Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. Our programs are held from June to October, which is the perfect escape from the summer desert heat. Each 1000m rise in elevation above sea level results in a 9°C drop in atmospheric temperature. The Alila Jabal Akhdar Resort is located at 2000m, which means that summer temperatures hover around 20°C to 30°C, resulting in the perfect climate for fitness training.

Alila Jabal Akhdar, Oman

Whether you opt for serviced apartments, basic 3-star hotels or opulent 5-star luxury, Oman is a developed country with accommodation of international standards.

Jabal Akhdar, or “The Green Mountain”, is located at 2000m amongst the spectacular Al Hajar mountains. Set amongst the region’s renowned rugged landscape, this is a haven for those seeking adventure, the outdoors or simply a place to unwind. The resort is eco-friendly and designed to fit harmoniously into the natural environment.

86 suites and 2 villas are generously spaced out around the cliff top for uninterrupted mountain views. The suites incorporate traditional elements (such as hand-painted juniper leaves) with a contemporary style to celebrate Oman’s rich heritage.

The stunning Spa Alila offers a wide array of Asian-inspired treatments and is dedicated to restoring a sense of total well-being. 100% natural Juniper Berry and Rose Handmade Soap is a signature feature throughout the resort.

Restaurants in Oman

Omani cuisine is an amalgamation of Arabian, Meditteranean and Ottoman influences, with its own unique touches. Expect plenty of fresh produce, roasted meat and fish, homemade bread and delicious accompanying dips, spreads and sauces.

The flagship restaurant of Alila Jabal Akhdar is Juniper Restaurant, named after the juniper trees of the Omani highlands. Inspired by the golden age of Arabic cuisine, the menu is influenced by trade routes that stretched all the way to the Mediterranean. Local flavours lend a unique twist to international dishes, whilst traditional recipes give an authentic taste of Oman. The finest ingredients are crafted to gastronomic perfection, with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal produce grown right in the mountains.

Our training equipment

State of the art, purpose-built equipment will be provided.

Your ability and conditioning

Physical Ability and Conditioning

Please prepare accordingly depending on which program you select. Although our programs are suited to participants of all levels, you should be physically mobile with no major health issues and have at least a basic grasp of overall fitness. In general, it is best to prepare by building up your fitness levels as much as possible with whatever exercise suits you the best.


As MTN FIT is an intensive high altitude training program, it's ideal to amplify up your usual fitness routine - this means cardio fitness, core strength and overall strength, along with ample stretching and alternative therapies.

Altitude sickness

We operate at 2000m above sea level and altitude does not present serious issues until 4500m. Visitors rarely experience serious altitude sickness and none of our clients has ever been significantly affected. However, you may experience a lower fitness level than usual. Again, we suggest building your strength and fitness as much as possible beforehand. Further measures include avoiding strenuous activity within the first 24 hours at altitude, staying dehydrated, abstaining from alcohol and avoiding unnecessary medication. Although it is not necessary, you can bring altitude sickness pills as a precaution.

Omani culture

Oman is defined by its stunning natural environment which is perfectly conducive to outdoor adventures, including cave exploration, rock climbing, trail walking and swimming in oases (natural fresh water springs).

Your experience with us isn't just about fitness and the outdoors and you'll certainly have the opportunity to soak up traditional Bedouin culture and hospitality. The ancient Nizwa souk (an Arabian market) is a glimpse into local culture, whilst cooking lessons uncover the mystery of traditional dishes such as Omani barbeque and halwa. In the evenings, you'll enjoy sunsets overlooking the gorges with a cocktail in hand, whilst listening to live oud musical performances.

Health and safety

Oman has state-of-the-art healthcare with doctors on standby, should any accidents or emergencies arise. K-Line’s team are all First Aid certified and trained to ensure your safety.

Travel insurance for your adventure

We believe that it’s always better to be safe than sorry when travelling and we’re sure you agree. Travel insurance is your responsibility and is mandatory for all K-Line adventures. Get covered before you come on an adventure with K-Line and do ensure that your policy covers trip cancellation in case you cannot travel due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Foreign travel advisory for Oman

The Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) includes the developed nations of the Middle East. It is a safe place to visit. If you are planing a visit or stopping by Dubai, you have no excuse to visit Oman its not so famous neighbour.

Time zone: UTC +04:00 hrs hrs

Gulf Standard Time (GST) is the local time in Oman. It is offset with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by +04:00 hrs.

Internet connections

Wi-Fi is available throughout Oman and at the Alila Jabal Akhdar Hotel.

Power-up with the right adaptor/Electricity

Don’t get caught out without an adaptor! There are 2 configurations that can be used in Oman – Plug types C and F as displayed below. Purchase one at the airport duty-free shops or plan ahead and get one before you arrive.

What to pack for your fitness adventure

Yes, Oman is technically in the middl east, of some of the hottest places in the world. But did you know that for every 1000m in elevation you climb temperatures drop approx. 9ºC. Which means that Jabal Akhdar at 2,000m can be as much as 19ºC cooler even during the hottest months. This makes Oman's climate perfect for our programs all year round.

This means that you can pack you regular exercise gear and hotel clothing, leaving behind your expedition ready North Face down onesie.