Our Story

Where it all began and where we’re going tomorrow.

We’d like to be sentimental about our origins, but the facts actually happen to be more interesting. Our beginnings date back to 2006, when our founder, Paul, was planning a snowboarding trip to South America. As fate would have it, he changed his mind once he heard about the Himalayas, which of course has always enjoyed notoriety as the ultimate climbing and mountaineering destination for hundreds of years. Snowboarding was a different matter though. Apparently, the highest gondola in the world had been built in 2004 taking people to a staggering 3,950m, located on Mount Apharwat in a branch of the Himalayas in northern India called the Pir Panjal mountain range. There was no way Paul was turning down a chance to ride 1,200 vertical meter descents. At the time, there was virtually no information online about Gulmarg. Never one to be deterred, he packed his snowboard bag in the winter of 2007 and set off on an adventure that would ironically last a lifetime. Today, there still is – only one major ski area located in the world’s biggest mountain range, welcome to the Gulmarg ski resort. It would be fair to say that Paul never returned home – that is to say, a part of him has always remained there. To cut a long story short, he met two locals when he was riding waist-deep powder through the trees down to the local village of Baba Reshi in Gulmarg. At the time, he didn’t know that they had been guiding since 1998, nor did he know that they were (and are still) amongst an elite group of only 12 local ski guides certified by the Indian Government. Over the next two years, Mushtaq, Mahmood and Paul simply became good friends who rode together. Their friendship took a turn in 2009, when the three of them decided that the world needed to know about Gulmarg through their eyes. Seeing a chance to change the lives of his friends and also ride an insane amount of steep and deep powder, Paul created K-Line Himalayan Adventures. Later, the three of them got quite a shock when 100 clients signed up during their first season in 2010.
"Guiding Since 1999. Certified by the AAA and AIARE to get you home safely."
To say there was a scramble to order some last minute transceivers is an understatement. Over the next few years, because of his addiction to exploring the unknown, Paul unintentionally put K-Line into a unique niche sector. From backcountry locations in Hokkaido that only the pros know about, to fly-fishing in the high altitude glacial rivers and lakes of Kashmir, we thrive on venturing into unconventional locations. They say that Alaska is the last frontier in big-mountain free-riding. Welcome to the Himalayas.