We think we’re pretty awesome and luckily, so do our guests.

Below are a few things people have been saying about us over the years. No embellishing and no sugar-coating – this is how it is and what you can expect from us.

  • Endless powder for 2 weeks
    We had 2 weeks with K-Line in late Feb-Mar 2014 and we skied fresh untouched powder every day for 2 weeks. See the videos that is what is it like.

    The runs were so long that we would only do 4-6 per day. The 2,000 vertical metres to Drung village are magic.

At the end of the day, 5 star accommodation at the Kyber with spa, pool and great food.

Paul, Cathy, Mushtaq and Mehmood did such a fantastic job at making sure everyone had a great time.
    Jackson Shields Australia Feb-Mar 2014
  • Will be visiting again
    Been to Gulmarg twice with K-Line, and will do it again.
    Donald Wan Hong Kong Feb 2012
  • 2,000 vertical metres to Drung village are magic
    We had 2 weeks with K-Line in late Feb-Mar 2014 and we skied fresh untouched powder every day for 2 weeks. See the videos that is what is it like.

    The runs were so long that we would only do 4-6 per day. The 2,000 vertical metres to Drung village are magic.

At the end of the day, 5 star accommodation at the Kyber with spa, pool and great food.

Paul, Cathy, Mushtaq and Mahmood did such a fantastic job at making sure everyone had a great time.
    Arne Shields Australia Feb-Mar 2014
  • Highly reccomended
    The experience with K-line right from pick up at the airport, stay, ski lessons was extremely well organised. Besides the lessons, it was really good to hang out with Paul and Catherine. K-line is VERY affordable for the quality of services it provides.

    I highly recommend K-Line for a ski vacation in Gulmarg.
    Aditya Mhatre India Jan 2011
  • Powder crazy!
    Our trip to Gulmarg with K-Line still sits on top of my best trips ever, which is saying something since I live in Whistler!

    Paul and Catherine run a tight ship, comms were great on the lead up to the trip and we had all the information and help necessary to make it a smooth trip. Transfers were well organised and we really had no trouble at all getting there.

    The accommodation is comfortable and the food is great, the staff are all very helpful. There was the odd powercut now and again but we were warned in advance about this and it all adds to the fun and uniqueness of it all.

    So the shred... never seen or experienced anything like it. I only managed to get there for 7 days but wish I'd gone for 14 and will do next time. Whilst we were there it snowed 1.5m! The terrain in bounds is just crazy with deep snow and wide open bowls. The backcountry is like nothing I've experienced with massive powder fields that left us yelping for joy. In the 7 days we didn't scratch the surface.

    Our guide Mushtaq is a legend and took us to some awesome spots, the guys who were there for 14 days got to explore a little more and some of the photos I've seen are unreal. We took long hikes to some amazing places, stunning untouched scenery and literally no one around!

    The mid lift station does get busy and you do have to wait around to get to the top, once you're there though you can be out ALL day and see about 10 people. On 2 of the days it was storming hard so the lift was closed so we were 'relegated' to treeriding. The night before it had snowed 60cm up top and in the trees there was over a metre of fresh! This isn't tree riding it's literally forests of deep powder. You get dropped off by the jeep (which is an experience in itself!), calve out a hole in the 1.5 metre high wall and shred the best pow I've ever experienced. Get to the bottom, get picked up and do it all again. Amazing.

    Overall I can't recommend K-Line enough, we had the trip of our lives, the best snow and got to hang out and ride with some very cool people. I will without a doubt visit again and go with K-Line, we're already looking at their other itineraries for Turkey and Japan.

    Thanks guys!
    Danny Simper United Kingdom Feb 2013
  • We will definitely be visiting again
    We joined K-Line to Gulmarg in late Feb/early Mar and experienced our first backcountry tour, loved it and will definitely do it again. Despite the long travel time from Hong Kong (1.5 days to reach to the Gulmarg resort) the trip was all worthwhile. The place is reputable on its fresh powder and the best description of the mountain is it is like lift accessed-heli ski. You will have to hike to get decent runs on the untouched snows. Due to timing of our trip, the snow condition on our first few days didn’t turned out to be quite as good as we were expecting it to be but we were able to enjoy a few good powder days in the latter part of our trip after a snow storm. The guides know the ski terrain extremely well and they brought us to new runs every day and keep each riding experience new and fun.

    The package offered by K-Line is definitely great value for money. The overall arrangements from logistics, accommodations, meals, rentals, etc were well planned ahead and gave us a worry-free trip. Don’t think you can easily find something compatible at this price. We stayed in Khyber a 5 star hotel, personally I think the services are great considering it is a developing country. The facilities in the hotel are well equipped, free wifi, central heating, hot water for shower, daily housekeeping, swimming pool, heat pool and sauna. We will definitely go back to Gulmarg again with K-Line and not think twice.
    Simon & Anna Hong Kong Feb-Mar 2014
  • Gulmarg rocks!
    “Gulmarg is a place powder snowboarders must go. K-line has good arrangement for individuals or group tours. I went twice already the K-line tour to Gulmarg, amazing snow, not over price, experience ski guides (locals) and we explored so much at that mountain.

    We will again go with the Hong Kong group join K-line for the Gulmarg tour in 2015.“
    Ken Choi Hong Kong Feb 2012
  • Amazing Location - Good to Have Guides!
    I've skied all over the world (Europe, USA, Canada, India, Japan, Argentina, etc.) Gulmarg is one of the most beautiful and unique locations of all, but it's also a bit tricky to get to and negotiate once you're there, so it is the only one where I've hired a guide.

    K-Line was great, they organized everything for us, including equipment, and even medical care when I injured my knee.
    Neville Mehra United States of America Jan 2013
  • Kashmir - Gulmarg 2-week powder trip
    We travelled with K-Line back in February-March 2013. A group of 5 of us, we had no idea what we were up against despite all the info we had been given and had researched, and we were all totally psyched and excited about the adventure we were embarking on. The main reason why we chose K-Line was that they are the only company to provide a search & rescue service should anything happen - now we aren't steep gnarly terrain addicts, or neck-breakers, however knowing that this additional and potentially life-saving service was included just tipped the scale in their favour.

    Once on site and ready to ride virgin powder, we were even more pleased to meet the founders of the company who made us feel really welcome, we had an awesome guide (Mushtaq) who knew the mountain inside and out, was incredibly professional, safety-driven, helpful and super friendly. He made sure that in addition to riding safe paths and ensuring we were discovering his world we first and foremost had fun. And we did. Gulmarg is an absolute treasure for anyone seeking the joy and freedom only fresh tracks on virgin powder snow can provide.

    The hotel we stayed in was nice, we did not have many expectations as we knew it would be very different to your common European or North American resort hotel. Hot water, WiFi in the lounge and electricity were provided albeit not 24hrs a day, the food was very good, perhaps not very varied and sometimes repetitive, however we always ate well. The rooms were spacious and clean, not very modern but altogether satisfactory. I believe K-Line now uses different more modern hotels, so you can expect an even better service and accommodation!

    The village is small, yet very accessible and has a few shops and restaurants, some of them really worth going to! The Kashmiri Pilau rice and the traditional Kashmiri Kawa (cardamom based tea) are must tastes.

    Our transfers from Srinagar to Gulmarg were quick and on time. All the staff we encountered were knowledgeable and helpful and friendly. During our whole trip I felt safe, in good hands and confident I could rely on K-Line for any queries or assistance.
    Overall I had an awesome stay with K-Line, and even got to ride with Paul (K-Line's dad!) several times and discover beautiful spots for riding and unforgettable snow, a truly wonderful time and a trip of a lifetime. Well I'd rather make it a regular occurrence than once in my life, that's how amazing it was.

    I strongly recommend K-Line for their professionalism, friendly attitude and overall care for their customers. Well worth it! Thanks guys :)
    Marianne Glon-Villeneuve United Kingdom Jan-Feb 2013
  • Freshies all day
    I did a tour with K-Line in March 2014 with my fiancé. 

    Although the logistics of getting to Srinagar from Hong Kong can be a bit of a pain, don't let that put you off... The endless fresh lines all day more than make up for it once you arrive in Gulmarg.

    K-Line are very professional and their guides are awesome ensuring we got the best lines for the conditions each day. Thanks to Mushtaq!

    The Khyber was more than decent accommodation for a developing country. We had no problems with our stay there and the staff were quite helpful with any requests we had.

    Thoroughly recommend booking with K-Line if you like to ride untouched pow all day in big mountains with zero lift lines

    We'll be back soon :)
    Ollie Graham Hong Kong Feb 2014