Trekking the remote regions of the Kashmiri Himalayas.

The beauty of the Himalayan mountains lies in the fact that they are unpredictable and nowhere is this more evident than in the terrain. Ranging from pleasantly flat to a steep workout and everything in between, we put safety first and will typically customise the your himalaya adventure trek according to abilities and preferences within the group. Whether you prefer to move quickly so you can spend a bit longer at each stop or adopt a more leisurely pace so you can experience more along the way, we'll adjust the itinerary and route accordingly.

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The Ultimate Himalaya Adventure Trek

August 2018


“An unforgettable experience”

Glad we did the full 16-day trek as it gave us more time to explore each stop. Paul cares a lot about the mountains and fly-fishing in general and it shows - he gave us solid tips the whole way. Only thing I’d say is that it was pretty chilly when we went in October (which they did tell us in advance), so best to stick to the summer months. All in all, a highly recommended experience and is something I’d do again if I ever have the time.

Culture that dates back to the Ottoman Empire and beyond.

Once an important part of the famed Silk Road, Kashmir has still retained some of its old trade routes to this day, adding to the himilaya adventure. When you explore the markets nowadays, you can expect to find spices, handicrafts and countless variations of the famous Kashmiri pashminas nestled amongst all the trapping of modern life.

Kashmiri cuisine is unique but if we had to put a label on it, it is a cross between Indian, Turkish and Iranian food. The famous Wazwan is a multi-course feast which is traditionally served at wedding banquets, and you'll certainly sample this when you pass by Srinagar during your stay on Dal Lake. Let our professional guides run your ultimate himalaya adventure!

Palm to plate, our food is authentic.

During the treks themselves, we venture so high and far into the mountains that the only inhabitants are a few lone shepards - which means it's impossible to purchase any food during the treks and we have to carry everything with us. This means our chefs get very innovative with our menus - your typical day on a plate might include lentil and tomato stew, cinnamon pancakes and a homemade spicy chai latte. We use plenty of raw unprocessed cane sugar, which combines the sweetness and depth of dates and toffee, and we grind our Himalayan pink salt by hand in an enormous traditional mortar and pestle.

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Trek in the Indian Himalayas with an environmentally conscious team.

We adopt a leave no trace policy, which means we burn or bury all biodegradable rubbish to keep the himalaya adventure pure. We try to avoid bringing non-biodegradable, but if we must, we carry it back with us. Please be conscientious when you pack and eliminate anything that isn't absolutely essential - we will help you prepare by providing a detailed packing list.

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We think it's better to be safe than sorry, and we know you’d agree.

We mean business when it comes to frolicking in the world’s finest outdoor playgrounds. Our team of guides have undergone training, both nationally though the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering back in the early-mid 90’s, and internationally from visiting snow safety consultants in recent years. These courses were certified by the Gulmarg Avalanche Centre and accredited by the American Avalanche Association. This training was provided to only a small selection of ski guides in Gulmarg – our team is among this elite group.

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