Himalayan trekking expedition

Himalayan trekking expedition

Himalayan trekking expedition

8-days / 7-nights | Gulmarg

Trekking Expedition Overview

Virtually all of us are caught up in our modern lives of corporate jobs, smartphones, laptops and shopping malls. If you need some peace and quiet, there is no better way to take some time out than experiencing one of our Himalayan trekking expeditions. When you’re out here, it’s easy to forget that a human to sheep ratio of 1:10,000 was actually normal until a few hundred years ago. You have no choice but to fully surrender yourself to the trekking experience at one of the best trekking places in India – there is no reception anyway when you’re tucked away in the Himalayas at 14,000ft above sea level!

The trek is a condensed version of our 12-day Seven Sars Sojourn Trekking expedition from Sonamarg to Narayannag. This trek in India is suited to intermediate trekkers with the route being identical to our Seven Sars Sojourn, except that we trek every day and do not spend more than one night in each location. This trekking trip is ideal for those who want to see and experience everything that our signature 12-day trek has to offer, but are pressed for time and would like to complete the journey in 8 days instead. The fact that we only stay for one night in each location makes the trek more physically intense because there are no rest days in each location. This expedition concludes with a cultural stay on Dal Lake in a historic houseboats to complete the experience. Should you wish to shorten the journey this element can be eliminated to shorten the trek to 7 days and 6 days.

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      8-days / 7-nights
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