Himalayan trekking expedition

Himalayan trekking expedition

Himalayan trekking expedition

8-days / 7-nights | Gulmarg


Trekking Expedition Overview

Virtually all of us are caught up in our modern lives of corporate jobs, smartphones, laptops and shopping malls. If you need some peace and quiet, there is no better way to take some time out than experiencing one of our Himalayan trekking expeditions. When you’re out here, it’s easy to forget that a human to sheep ratio of 1:10,000 was actually normal until a few hundred years ago. You have no choice but to fully surrender yourself to the trekking experience at one of the best trekking places in India – there is no reception anyway when you’re tucked away in the Himalayas at 14,000ft above sea level!

The trek is a condensed version of our 12-day Seven Sars Sojourn Trekking expedition from Sonamarg to Narayannag. This trek in India is suited to intermediate trekkers with the route being identical to our Seven Sars Sojourn, except that we trek every day and do not spend more than one night in each location. This trekking trip is ideal for those who want to see and experience everything that our signature 12-day trek has to offer, but are pressed for time and would like to complete the journey in 8 days instead. The fact that we only stay for one night in each location makes the trek more physically intense because there are no rest days in each location. This expedition concludes with a cultural stay on Dal Lake in a historic houseboats to complete the experience. Should you wish to shorten the journey this element can be eliminated to shorten the trek to 7 days and 6 days.


  • 6 nights of camping – including tents, sleeping bags and cushion foam mattresses.
  • 1 night in a houseboat on Dal Lake upon departure – including dinner and breakfast
  • All meals during your trekking expedition – breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea where possible
  • Select beverages during your trekking expedition; marsala chai, tea, lemon tea, ginger tea, coffee, milk and hot chocolate
  • Medical first aid kits
  • Warm overhead showers, organic soap and clothes washing powder
  • Horses/mules to carry all common equipment – sleeping bags, tents, food, equipment etc
  • Horses/mules to carry personal equipment – limit of 10kg per person
  • Qualified and experienced trek leader
  • Support staff as required – guide, chef etc.All vehicle transfers between the airport, camping locations and Dal Lake
Personal activities
  • Yoga
  • Photography
  • Swimming

Trekking Expedition Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive in Kashmir and acclimatise

Travel by: Car |  Distance: 91km | Duration: 03:30 | Alt.: 2,800m
Welcome to Kashmir! After arriving at Srinagar International Airport (SXR), our private transfer vehicle will transport you through the Kashmir Valley to our staging area in Sonamarg where your adventure begins. You will meet the K-Line expedition team that afternoon and participate in our trek safety briefing.

Day 2 – Stretch your legs and trek to Nichinai Bar

Travel by: Trek | Distance: 9km | Duration: 06:00 | Difficulty: Easy | Alt.: 3,505m
Today is your first day on the trail, so it’s time to stretch your legs and warm up for the days of spectacular trekking ahead. The trail winds though the lower villages of Sonamarg up through mountain villages, allowing you to capture a glimpse of local mountain culture. This is the last time you see civilisation for a while!

Day 3 – Venture deeper into the Indian Himalayas to Kishan Sar and Vishan Sar

Travel by: Trek | Distance: 12km | Duration: 06:00 | Difficulty: Moderate | Alt.: 3,749m
Today is a long day on a winding trail through our first major mountain pass, complete with towering views of the surrounding Himalayas. On the other side of the pass, you are welcomed by lush fields of flora and fauna, high altitude glaciers and crystal clear mountain streams that run both above and below ground.

Day 4 – The winding trail to Gad Sar

Travel by: Trek | Distance: 10km | Duration: 05:00 | Difficulty: Easy | Alt.: 4,191m
The trail to Gad Sar takes us away from the lush surrounds of Kishan Sar and weaves through more classically rugged Himalayan terrain. You are now deep in the remote Indian Himalayas. Take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings and enjoy!

Day 5 – Follow the glacial streams to Sat Sar

Travel by: Trek | Distance: 12km | Duration: 06:00 | Difficulty: Moderate | Alt.: 3,609m
Emerging from Gad Sar, our trail leads us along the high altitude glacial streams to Sat Sar. Here, we set up camp lakeside to enjoy two days of stories both new and old, especially that of the mythical freshwater octopus of Sat Sar lake.

Day 6 – Welcome to Gangabal Lake, the largest lake on the Journey

Travel by: Trek | Distance: 9km | Duration: 06:00 | Difficulty: Moderate | Alt.: 3,597m
Leading on from Gad Sar, we reach the stunning Gangabal lake, the largest you will encounter on this expedition. The lake and it’s surrounding streams are teeming with life and close by towers the intimidating Harmukh, legendary to both climbers and devout pilgrims alike.

Day 7 – Descend to Narayannag’s forgotten Hindu temples & discover Dal Lake

Travel by: Trek | Distance: 11km | Duration: 05:00 | Difficulty: Easy | Alt.: 2,286m
The trek winds down slowly through age-old forests and concludes on the footstep of Narayannag’s forgotten Hindu temples. Photography opportunities abound at the numerous archaeological sites in the area. In the afternoon, we depart Narayannag and make our way to Srinagar’s famous Dal Lake, where you will spend your final night in Kashmir in one of the famed colonial houseboats. You will wind up your trip with a shikara ride and visits to the local markets.

Day 8 – The big bird home, your departure from Kashmir

Travel by: Car | Distance: 23km | Duration: 00:30 | Alt.: 5,200ft
Today is your last day in Kashmir and we’ll take you to Srinagar Airport for your flight home. Farewell and we hope to see you on another K-Line Himalayan adventure soon!

Dates & Prices

Trip Dates Triple Twin Single
Jun 1-30, 2018 $2180 $2180 $2180
Jul 1 – Sept 30, 2018 $2180 $2180 $2180
Oct 1-31, 2018 $2180 $2180 $2180
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      Trip Details

      8-days / 7-nights
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