Introducing MTN FIT Altitude Fitness Retreat, Oman

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Introducing MTN FIT Altitude Fitness Retreat, Jabal Akhdar, Oman.

Jabal Akhdar, Oman | 15 September, 2017Paul Lalley

Take your fitness and wellbeing to the heights of the Al Hajar Mountains in Oman at our altitude fitness retreat.

We’ve all experienced it before – trying everything from the latest high-fat diet to endless iterations of HIIT, yet still unable to lose that little muffin top or get past the fitness plateau.

We have the perfect answer for you – our high altitude fitness retreat. It has actually been popular amongst professional athletes for decades but has never really reached the mass market. Strange, considering it is one of the very few scientifically proven ways to reduce body fat.

The tangible benefits of living at altitude are almost too many to count and when compounded with an intensive fitness regime, results are guaranteed. Your body works harder to process oxygen, so your metabolism runs higher and you burn fat just trying to keep up. Training at altitude also naturally rebalances your hormones so you feel full more easily and don’t indulge as much.

Initially, you’ll feel more unfit than usual, but you’ll soon adjust and become fitter than before. You will also experience greater mental clarity and well-being, which explains why pilgrimages and meditation often occur at altitude, and temples and shrines are often in the mountains. All of these benefits are sustained long after returning to sea level, so training at altitude once or twice a year is a very feasible way of maintaining optimal physical and mental health.

MTN FIT is our flagship product – a high altitude fitness retreat aggressively targeted at fitness, strength and fat loss. K-Line customizes each individuals’ program and variety is the name of the game, with each day’s activities alternating between flexibility, core, strength and cardio. The high-quality fitness equipment is engineered specifically for outdoor performance and comfort. Each day is a progression, building on the previous day to achieve maximum results.

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