Catherine Chan

Catherine Chan

Chief Operations Officer

Operations DirectorBusiness Development Leven First Aid Certified

Catherine knows no boundaries.

Having first ventured into the Himalayas when she visited Nepal and had her first glimpse of Mount Everest back in 2000. It would not be the last time she visited the Himalayas, as she returned with Paul in 2008 when he visited northern India. In India, she immediately made her presence felt by engaging in the community, teaching English to children and becoming friends with the locals.

Hailing from the land of logic, Catherine was instrumental in helping Paul to build K-Line, bringing calm to the chaos amongst the excitement of what we do. She is a master of building relationships, both locally and internationally, although this may have something to do with the fact that she speaks four languages.

Having spent many summers and winters in India, Catherine knows how to get things done. In addition to handling enquiries and ensuring that all our tours run like clockwork, she also oversees the business operations. In other words – we’d all be screwed without her! Catherine also enjoys the finer things in life that can be found in India, such as organic Kashmiri cherries, Himalayan pink salt and hand-woven pashminas – if you’re very nice to her, she might tell you where to look.

“Catherine is our resident time keeper, and makes sure things run as scheduled. She is also a master yogi!”

Catherine first discovered the outdoors through the Duke of Edinburgh Award, for which she achieved a Gold Certification. Ask and she will happily tell you tales of weeklong treks in the midst of typhoons and thunderstorms. An avid trekker and hiker, she also participated in Outward Bound courses and expeditions. Catherine comes from the wilderness of the corporate jungle, having worked in banking and finance around the world. No wonder she knows how to run a tight ship!