Mushtaq Khan

Mushtaq Khan

Lead Guide & Local Partner

J&KTD Lic. Ski Guide & Instructor AIARE Level 2 Certified GSP Voluntary Rescue Team Member

Guiding in Gulmarg since 1998.

The first thing you’ll notice about Mushtaq is the huge smile on his face. He has been guiding since 1998 and has a reputation as one of Gulmarg’s most trusted and experienced ski guides. He is one of the first locals to be awarded a ski guide registration and licence by the Government and is highly respected by locals and foreigners alike. Currently, there are only 12 registered guides who are active and of these, only 6 are certified by the American Avalanche Association (AAA) – Mushtaq is amongst these 6. He volunteers for the local search and rescue team, and is integral in assisting the Gulmarg Ski Patrol (GSP) in emergencies. He also holds a ski instructor licence with the Indian Institute of Mountaineering and was a highly sought after instructor before he became a guide.

Mushtaq combines his innate experience of the Himalayan snow pack and climate with his training and knowledge, creating customised and safe itineraries each day. Without fail, he instills confidence and trust in all of his clients, who request him again, year after year. In fact, you better get in early if you want to ride with Mushtaq, as he is often fully booked just with return clients.

“Mushtaq is our all around good guy, who smiles more than you do on a powder day.”

Mushtaq is equally proficient as a summer trekking guide, having grown up in the Himalayan mountains. He has extensive experience of summer climates and weather patterns, wildlife, flora and fauna, and general survival techniques that are unique to the Himalayan wilderness.

Mushtaq and Paul met by chance in 2007, on Paul’s first visit to a then-unknown Gulmarg Resort. They got along immediately and found that they shared the same vision of introducing Gulmarg to the international riding community. When K-Line was set up in 2010, Mushtaq joined as one of our original local partners and remains one of our most trusted and valuable team members.