Paul Lalley

Paul Lalley

Founder, Rider & Athlete

J&K Tourism Department Advisor AAA Level 2 Certified Leven First Aid Certified Athlete

Traversing the Himalayas for over a decade.

Paul is K-Line’s founder. Having first visited India back in 2007, he did not entirely return from his epic adventure. For the last 9 years, Paul has led split-boarding, trekking and fly-fishing expeditions across the region, as well as Turkey and Japan. It is fair enough to say that in recent times, he has seen more of the Indian Himalayas than many locals and certainly any other foreign operator. He spends at least 6 months of each year there, hence why we say ‘no one knows Kashmir like K-Line’.

Paul loves everything about northern India, so if you speak to him he is likely to be biased. If you ask around, someone is bound to know Paul and we’re sure you will only ever hear about our good reputation. Instead of changing the local culture, he has chosen to integrate K-Line’s international approach to business. From the start, Paul has been involved in non-profit consulting on many government projects for the Gulmarg ski area, including snow safety and mountain rescue initiatives that have now been implemented. It takes him a while to walk down the Gulmarg gondola line, because he’s too busy getting high fives from clients and locals.

An expert snowboarder, Paul holds a Level 2 certification from the American Avalanche Association and has been riding for over 20 years. For the past 15 years, he has explored the backcountry in little-known resorts across the globe and honed his mountain safety skills along the way. He has spent the last 9 years in the Himalayas and knows the terrain like the back of his hand. He is a strong advocate of local education in snow safety, mountain rescue and avalanche awareness, using his qualifications to train his team in mountain safety. He has ensured that all K-line backcountry guides have obtained regional qualifications and is now working towards international accreditation for all team members.

Paul is also a highly accomplished angler and fly-fisherman. In the Indian Himalayas, he has uncovered some of the finest (and completely untouched) high-altitude glacial fly-fishing in the world. As expected, he is passionate about the sustainability of local waterways and protecting Himalayan aquatic life. Don’t get him started on the Drung hydro electric power plant!

Paul has led numerous trekking adventures on various routes throughout the Indian Himalayas, from short 3-day trips to month-long expeditions. He is known to embark on some insane endeavours just for the fun of it, such as trekking over 70km of steep terrain in a single day. He has also taken his appetite for BMX racing to the Himalayas, in the form of mountain biking. He is definitely grateful that the days of high crossbars and no suspension are now behind him!

“Paul is the ultimate action/adventure sports ambassador and lives for exploration both personally and professionally.”

So why does our website look so good? Paul is also a Creative Director and strategic branding expert, having worked across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Australia. Paul is hell-bent on building an industry and not just a business. He’ll stop at nothing to bring unconventional adventure sports destinations to the world through K-Line!