On tour with Warren Miller No Turning Back

On tour with Warren Miller Entertainment’s film, No Turning Back

Australia & New Zealand | October 31, 2015 Paul Lalley

You might say we had an exciting 2015, a year of many firsts for us in the marketing world. We ventured into the world of Warren Miller Entertainment’s cinematic action-sports adrenalin rush.

We took part in Warren Miller Entertainment’s 65th anniversary “No Turning Back” film tour. If you don’t now who Warren Miller is or what hi steam does, check them out here.

The film was screened in 30 cities across Australia and New Zealand, showcasing their most recent film, “No Turning Back”. Throughout the tour, K-Line founders Paul Lalley and Catherine Chan were present to represent K-Line to all the attendees, and had a great time spreading the word about the awesome adventures we have on offer.

As part of our Australia and New Zealand tour, K-Line offered a fully-inclusive trip for two during the 2015-2016 ski season to our primary destination, the legendary Himalayan ski resort of Gulmarg. Congratulations to the lucky winner, Ashley Barkle! Find out more about Ashley’s trip HERE.

If we say so ourselves, the tour was positively reassuring, and a success in spreading the word about K-Line and promoting the Gulmarg Mountain Resort as one of the best backcountry skiing destinations on the planet in 30 cities across the Land of OZ (Australia) and Kiwiland (New Zealand).

To spice things up in true Kashmiri style, we ran an exclusive competition resulting in an incredible 5,000+ movie goers signing up. Those who signed up were also eligible for a bonus 10% discount on our 2015-2016 adventures this ski season, something that is not in our typical marketing repertoire. Brochures were distributed to an audience of 10,000 across Australia and New Zealand, while our promo video was seen by over 30,000 viewers in major cinema theatres across the region.

Warren Miller Entertainment is the world’s most prominent ski film production company, having produced an epic ski film each year since 1950. Over almost seven decades, their films have inspired millions of skiers around the world. Thanks for the good times, we love you Warren!

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